“Research Addict Discovers a Covert Government Loophole That Allows YOU to Legally Steal Millions in Taxpayer Dollars”

From the Desk of Tony Laidig…

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey Fellow Taxpayer…

Death and Taxes…Undeniably the TWO inevitable forces every human MUST face during the course of their life. Even Benjamin Franklin wrote, “In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Sooner or later, we will HAVE to face BOTH. They are unavoidable, unexplainable, and uncheatable…


Let’s take a look at TAXES, and what happens to our HARD-EARNED money (we’ll save “death” for another day, hopefully in the really distant future). The truth is, everyone pays all kinds of taxes…from income taxes and sales taxes to gas taxes and luxury taxes…we EVEN have to pay death taxes (formerly known as estate taxes…great marketing, BTW). We have no choice. This money that everyone “gives” to our government pays for all sorts of things…some are good, some are outright ridiculous. And so “we the people” have developed a mindset that once that tax money leaves our paychecks, credit cards and checking accounts, it is GONE… FOREVER! The money is collected and spent by elected officials we all chose and trust completely for funding all types of really important, necessary stuff. So once our money has been spent by the government on that important, necessary stuff, it is no longer available to us, because SPENT means, “it’s not ours anymore.” Right?


You see, our government spends BILLIONS of OUR dollars to fund all sorts of programs, publications, training materials, books, films, websites and more. These “products” are created and prepared by some of America’s best and brightest men and women in their respective fields of expertise, and we as citizens benefit from their efforts everyday. So, in a sense, the paying of our taxes is justified by those provided benefits. We gain the benefits “in exchange” for the money we pay in taxes.

When you think of getting money BACK from the Government, a couple options probably come to mind. Perhaps you could receive that Government money in the form of:

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  • Tax Refund – You aren’t really getting money back from the Government apart from what you overpaid.
  • Tax Rebate Check – It happens, depending on which party is in office.
  • Grants – This CAN be an option for you…there is certainly money available…but good luck with it. It’s NOT what this book is about!
  • Social Security – You paid this in, they made a bunch of interest on it, and you may or may not get it back…we’ll see.
  • Welfare – It’s unfortunate but some people’s existence relies on this form of assistance.
  • SBA Loans – The Small Business Association does offer loans to help business…but you noticed the word “loan” right? Not exactly what I had in mind.
  • A Government Job – The Government would certainly be paying you with THIS option! It’s the J.O.B. part that I have a problem with.
  • A Government Contract – Some work required by the Government is handled by outside vendors using a contract bidding process. I remember bidding on Government printing jobs years ago…lots of hoops to jump through. No thanks! Of course, if you have “$3,000 hammers” to sell, go for it…wink!

Well, what if there was a way for YOU to benefit MORE from their efforts? Would you be interested? What if there was a way that you could TAKE BACK some of those SPENT taxpayer dollars (the ones you worked so hard for) and turned them into an even GREATER pile of money in your OWN bank account? Would you like ACCESS to an opportunity like that? An opportunity like that would be absolutely incredible, wouldn’t it? Well, not only is it possible, but I am going to show you HOW to do it without breaking any laws!


I thought you MIGHT be…that’s why I am giving you an opportunity to get your hands on this BRAND-NEW course before everyone else (and at a special price).



None of the Government money-getting options mentioned above are very appealing, are they? Not at all! My approach…the one you will discover in Info Gold Extreme…is a LOT more extreme (and still legal. of course)! Best of all, it’s proven (meaning a number of smart entrepreneurs, including myself, are already making money from this). You can get started right away without needing to spend money for huge startup costs! They say that knowledge is power, but TAKING ACTION is PROFIT!

Think of it…imagine finally having the extra income to take the vacation you always dreamed of or buy that car you’ve looked at for months but couldn’t afford. Picture the look on your accountant’s face when she tells you that you owe the IRS and you just smile thinking, “That’s okay…I know how to get that money back and MORE!”

In Info Gold Extreme, you will discover: 

  • Why you can legally profit from the largest content creator on the planet – The United States Government!
  • How to generate a serious, consistent income using proven, high-quality content that you already “paid for.”
  • The BEST online sources to “raid” for Info Gold (and what to do with the booty once you’ve found it).
  • Why many of the BEST opportunities for breakthrough product creation exist OFFLINE, and how you can exploit them!
  • The secret Magazine publishers have known for years (and didn’t even know they “knew” it!). 
  • A sneaky “trick” one of my buddies used to turn freely available downloads into a five-figure a year stream of income!
  • How I turned common, everyday knowledge freely available online into physical products that consistently generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales year after year.
  • And MUCH More!

In this time of down-turned economies and record unemployment, isn’t it about time that something goes RIGHT? Anfter all, you DESERVE to get’s YOURS too! Info Gold Extreme very well could be the answer you’ve been waiting for! This isn’t a loophole that will disappear in a week, nor is it a passing fad until the next marketing idea of the month comes along. What I share in Info Gold Extreme has existed since before the founding of our country! And people have been secretly profiting from it for decades!

Listen…Big Business knows about this secret and has been exploiting it for the last 100 years (especially today). It’s time that you TAKE ACTION and grab your piece of the profit!

I know you’re probably ready to invest right now…but I want to make this an OVER-THE-TOP, no-brainer investment for you that actually PRODUCES RESULTS for you! Let’s take a look at bonus content I am including with this VERY special introductory offer:

Bonus #1

Getting Started Video

It’s likely that you will want to hit the ground running, so I created a “Getting Started” video that provides guidance on where to begin. In this video, I share more details on WHY Info Gold Extreme is so powerful for building your online (or offline) business, how to maximize your efforts, how to AVOID potential pitfalls and how to use the resources provided!

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Mining the GOLD Video Series

This SIX-VIDEO series takes you behind the scenes of some of the top websites I exploit for profit-producing content. I show you where and HOW to maximize your research efforts on these websites to gain maximum success with exploding your content needs. While I am NOT going to reveal which sites I show you here, I WILL say that, after digging around in these sites for the past 3 years, I’ve learned their secrets…and now I am sharing those secrets with you!

And, as a side note…Video Six reveals secret information that is going to revolutionize the product creation industry. No one has talked about (much less shared) this information before now, but I am finally ready to go public with it! What I reveal is SO amazing that my business coach told me over a year ago NOT to reveal it. Let’s just say that I can’t keep it to myself any longer! Want a hint? I teach you HOW TO FIND what you don’t know to look for!

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Bonus #3

Offline Guides to Government Media Resources

In this day of online media and websites, we often forget that not EVERYTHING is online, and that is especially true when it comes to finding hidden nuggets of INFO GOLD! This bonus is the end result of nearly 50 hours or research and work by me personally to locate and assemble this extensive collection of 27 research guides and catalogs. This collection of reference materials is one of the most complete resources of its type ever assembled, providing information on nearly 20,000 Public Domain films (with references to over 200,000 additional films), documentaries, training materials, cartoons, multimedia, photographs and much more, and offers over 7,200+ combined pages of research materials. NOBODY has this…but you WILL as a free bonus when you invest in Info Gold Extreme!

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Info Gold Extreme Q&A Webinar

In this webinar, I revealed even MORE strategies that work like gangbusters in finding and profiting from the content YOU paid for. I ALSO answered ALL the live attendee’s questions about how to maximize the Info Gold Extreme program. This webinar is easily worth $197. You get access to the replay and download of this amazing webinar for FREE!

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